Property management tailored to suit the needs of your condo association

  • Complete management
  • Accounting management
  • Technical management (maintenance supervision and contracts)
  • Client login – management tools for condo administrators
  • 24/7 emergencies
  • Consulting services (conducting audits, providing guidance during board meetings, chairing of annual general meetings)

We help manage the property whilst you take a breather and focus on the important decisions for your community.

Condo management specialists, we provide a complete range of services to meet your needs, wherever you may be located in the province of Quebec.

  1. Analysis stage
    • Understanding the board’s expectations
    • Studying the specificities of your building
    • Tailoring a service offer to your needs
  2. Integration stage (dedicated team)
    • Collecting the relevant documents
    • Surveying the legal forms
    • Inventorying projects underway
    • Preparing a maintenance monitoring strategy
  3. Full management stage
    • Providing dedicated web accesses to administrators and co-owners
    • Scheduling and preparing board meetings
    • Managing technical issues according to your building’s specifications
    • Implementing study recommendations, anticipating recurrent actions to be taken

What exactly is condo management about?

Condo property management is the effective administration of one or several buildings under the jurisdiction of a co-ownership syndicate according to the rules of the Quebec Civil Code and the guidelines of the declaration of co-ownership. Each year, the Syndicate of co-owners elects a board of directors. During this term, the board is in charge of making the right decisions to maintain or even enhance the value of the building. The board may work alone or hire the services of a professional management company.

Indeed, the tasks to be carried out are many and varied. To give just a few examples: Accounting: budgets need to be prepared and condo fees collected, unpaid fees promptly dealt with. Technical management: drawing up maintenance specifications, preparing requests for quotes, monitoring contracts, scheduling repairs, analyzing and implementing the technical report recommendations, ensuring conformity to the asset management plan.

Solid legal and insurance knowledge is also required to guide the decision-making process of the condo board. In particular, new regulations such as bylaws 16, 141 and 122 must be taken into account to follow proper industry practice. Finally, the administrative burden created by the above examples is significant, even before taking into account the preparation and chairing of board and annual general meetings as well as the taking and forwarding of minutes to co-owners.

Because of the knowledge required and time-consuming nature of these various tasks, a professional property manager is frequently called upon. Even though board members may be commended for their efforts, they can hardly be expected to dedicate all their time and energy to this duty, particularly since a great number of new rules and regulations impacting the condo association are constantly being introduced – the aim of such new legislation being to ensure the implementation of checks and balances to guarantee the sustainability of constructions going forward.

Societal transformations are also having a profound impact on the role of board members and impact their relationship with co-owners. Topics such as environmental sustainability, energy transition, and socially responsible behavior at the local level – condo community or neighborhood – are indeed being raised with increasing frequency.

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