Finding the right coverage can be a challenge

We are insurance brokers specializing in the real estate sector and, as such, provide a great many condo associations with insurance coverage.

Because insuring a condo buildings sometimes gets complicated, Pax Insurance, a Sergic Quebec brand, stands by your side to guide you every step of the way. Condo syndicates choose Pax Insurance to obtain superior service, exclusive advantages and expert advice.

Peace of mind with the help of a dedicated broker

What type of coverage is required for our condo association? And how about directors, what specific coverage is required for us? Do we need extra options or additional guarantees to address the specificities of our building? It’s because you likely ask yourself many such questions that we strive to provide you with the most appropriate answers and guide you in your choices.

We help you understand the intricacies of the insurance policy needed for your condo building. In itself a complex market, the events of the last few years have only served to amplify the difficulty of obtaining proper coverage.

  1. Negotiation
    • Total transparency at the negotiation stage
    • One of the largest choice of insurance companies in Quebec
    • Guaranteed solutions even in dire circumstances
  2. Contract choice and subscription
    • An expert broker to analyze the options on hand and present the best solutions
    • Available for presentation at board meetings and AGMs
    • Detailed explanations of clauses and conditions to facilitate your choice
  3. A personalized approach
    • A unique contact person from policy negotiation to subscription and renewals
    • Anticipating deadlines to help you serenely act on renewals
    • Perfect knowledge of your building to guarantee the best solutions
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Insuring your condo building: what’s at stake? What are today’s market realities?

The insurance sector is complex because of the number of parameters to be taken into account: climactic events, prior claims, the unbalancing of supply and demand, the reduced appetite for risk in the industry, changes to the legal framework, and many other factors. The condo insurance market has clearly suffered over the last few years. Caught in the crossfire between the impact of laws 141 and 16, the backtracking of some insurance companies and the extent of ruinous water damage claims, both overall costs and deductible amounts of policies have been impacted. Board members are often left in the lurch, and pressured by residents who don’t necessarily grasp the intricacies of this changing market. A good broker must check (at regular intervals) that you are indeed fully insured for the total reconstruction value, and make certain you have opted for all the necessary guarantees to meet the specificities of your building. Adequate coverage must also be obtained in terms of civil liability and coverage for the board members.

Collaborating with a trustworthy third party is thus essential. Turn to us for our market knowledge and experience finding the most adapted insurance companies. We also work with you to minimize the number of claims, and help raise awareness levels amongst the occupants of the building with regards to the repercussions of individual actions on the the condo community as a whole.

We truly understand the impact of insurance fees and self-insurance fund on your budget. We are dedicated to helping you make the best insurance decisions and improve the financial health of your condo association.

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