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Experienced managers by your side to meet the challenges specific to commercial real estate.

In BtoB property management relationships, service is key. Indeed professional clients expect a high degree of availability and rigour as well as long term commitment.

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The specificities of commercial real estate management

Commercial management is a niche within the broader spectrum of property management. Some tasks such as managing the finances, building maintenance or dealing with emergencies are broadly similar to those generally carried out in the field. Others however require specific knowledge held by dedicated experts. These include: optimizing occupation rates, finding the proper balance between maintenance and profitability, mastering the legal specificities of commercial and industrial leases, delivering occupation certificates, understanding the norms and standards of office space. Can such important tasks be delegated to third parties with peace of mind? Absolutely. In addition to the decades of experience acquired by some members of our team, you benefit from our group’s multidisciplinary expertise to provide you with all the right answers.

It is sometimes said that commercial property managers are only as good as their network. Surrounding oneself with trustworthy professionals and service providers for outstanding additional expertise when necessary is essential. Our track history, reputation amongst our peers and client satisfaction serve as testimonies to the value we bring to organizations such as yours.

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