A flexible offer to meet your needs

  • Day-to-day management
  • Accounting services
  • Maintenance and technical management
  • Rental services and marketing
  • Tenant relationship management
  • Financial optimization
  • 24/7 emergency services

We manage, optimize and keep you informed.

Do you own one or several units and are seeking a trustworthy rental partner? Our dynamic team is at the ready to market, rent and manage your property.

Thorough and professional, we can be trusted to best manage your interests.

  1. Marketing
    • Rental audit (price level, condition of dwelling…)
    • Marketing channels (photos, ads, networks)
    • Pre-selection of rental candidates
  2. Paperwork and move-in
    • Drafting of rental contract
    • Signature and finalization of procedures
    • Coordination of move-ins
  3. Operational management
    • Tenant relationship management
    • Management of technical issues
    • Maintenance follow-up (both within the unit and with the condo association)
  4. Accounting management
    • Rental collection and account statements
    • Late payment collection
    • Lease renewal management

What exactly is rental management about?

Rental management can be defined as the set of tasks required to successfully keep a unit rented out. Rental management can therefore be best understood in three stages: before the lease, during the term of the lease and at the end of the lease.

The required tasks are numerous and varied but can further be divided into two categories: those that concern marketing efforts vs. the unit management in itself. Marketing is required to promote, advertise, organize visits, select the best candidates and facilitate move-ins.

Unit management entails the proper maintenance of the unit, handling tenant requests and coordinating any necessary work. Accounting services are required to invoice and receive rent and provide timely statements to the landlord. Ongoing administration is also required to renew leases and provide the tenants with the legally required documents. Indeed, as in the real estate sector as whole, the legal framework is constantly changing.

Consumer behavior is also evolving and new technologies emerging, making it sometimes difficult for landlords to keep abreast of the pace of change. Turning to a real estate professional brings investors peace of mind. Whether a single unit or a property portfolio, working with a property manager helps lighten the administrative and operational burdens whilst eliminating errors that could lead to reduced profitability and slower growth of investor holdings.

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