Tailored services to meet all your needs

  • Analyze and follow-up on the Acceptance report of the common areas
  • Investigate any water infiltrations
  • Ensure the proper application of the asset management plan
  • Act on construction defects
  • Resolve various technical issues
  • Review technical reports
  • Provide 24/7 emergency services
  • Help implement energy transitions

Helping you meet your building’s technical challenges

As technical specialists, Magellan Real Estate Consulting, a brand of the Sergic Group, help manage your building through the decades.

  1. Study
    • Visits and investigations
    • Preparation of a first diagnosis and report
    • Suggested corrective actions and preparation of requests for quotes/plans
  2. Preparation
    • Management and bid for tenders
    • Analysis and quotes
    • Budget proposal
    • Organization of an extraordinary general meeting if the need arises
  3. Monitoring of work
    • Analysis of the work calendar
    • Monitoring the work progress
    • Expense management and invoice approval
    • Production of financial and progress reports
    • Final approval upon completion of work
Discover our technical assistance services.

Technical assistance: why so and for whom?

Managing and maintaining the integrity of a building is no easy feat. Regardless of a building’s nature and usage, owners and managers must deal with multiple technical challenges throughout the structure’s lifespan. Construction deficiencies, chronic problems, aging infrastructure or the natural need for major structural replacement all require expert advice.

The added-value of Magellan’s technical expertise is essential, helping decision-makers select the most cost-effective solutions.

Indeed, our philosophy is to keep our clients informed of a project from beginning to end. Identifying the right independent experts is also key to best solving technical issues.

Yet our technical services are not limited to emergency situations and highly complex problems. We aim to be proactive and help you manage mundane projects: bids for tender, reception processes of new structures, renovations and refurbishing projects, maintenance of intricate systems. Finally, we must all play our part in protecting the environment and Magellan is here to assist with matters relating to energy transition. Cutting down on energy wastage, improving the building shell’s insulation and installing building intelligent automation systems (immotics) require the help of qualified project managers.

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