Buy, sell, and make your dream project come true

At Sergic Quebec, we realize that buying or selling real estate can be a great adventure. Yet it can sometimes get a bit complicated. You can count on our expert knowledge and dedication to make the process as smooth and crystal clear as possible.

  1. Gaining better understanding of the market
    • Thorough knowledge of the Quebec real estate market
    • Up-to-date information and strategic advice
    • Informed real estate decisions
  2. Finding a property
    • Research made easy thanks to our expertise
    • Listings of properties matching your criteria
    • Acquire a property with peace of mind
  3. Enhance the value of your property
    • Highlighting your property’s assets
    • Attract potential buyers to maximize the value of your sale
    • Fluid and advantageous sales channels

Our commitment to your project

  • A team of experienced brokers
  • A trusted partner recognized industry-wide
  • In-depth knowledge of the Quebec real estate market
  • Coproprié-T qualified condo specialists
  • Sergic Quebec exclusive advantages
  • Brokers specialized in buying and selling commercial real estate

Simplify your search to make your project a reality

  1. Negotiate with ease
    • Fair negotiations to benefit all parties
    • Trust our team’s expertise for enhanced satisfaction
    • Transactions that benefit our clients
  2. Transaction management
    • Complete handling of all the paperwork
    • Drafting of offers at closing
    • Peace of mind throughout the process
  3. Personalized attention
    • We stay by your side even beyond the closing
    • Customized service for a superior real estate experience
    • Guaranteed satisfaction every step of the way with Sergic Québec
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Why call upon a broker for your buying and selling needs?

Whether looking for a home, an investment, or office or commercial space, buying and selling property entails making big decisions. These are important undertakings indeed. When acquiring property, turning to a professional makes a lot of sense. Once you’ve handed your broker your list of essential criteria, listings can be scanned and visits planned with the confidence that you will be kept informed of everything there is to know, placing you in a position to buy at the best possible price. Indeed the duties of a broker are not only to guide you through the house, multiplex, or commercial spaces visited. His or her role is to share their knowledge of the market, point out neighborhoods specificities, map the nearby shops and institutions so that you may form a clear image of your potential future. As an integral partner of your project, your broker informs you of the history of each property, of potential work to be done as well as any other relevant information so that you can make an emotionally detached offer based on current market conditions.

For all these reasons, collaborating with a trusted expert that has solid market knowledge and has experience handling many such transactions is key. Your broker will also guide you every step of the way to obtain a mortgage, carry out the necessary inspections, find the right insurance brokers, recommend renovations teams, right to the conclusion of a notarized sale. Thus you save time, avoid unnecessary stress, and keep a cool head to focus on making the smart choice. We aim to help you find the right property in the short term whilst earning your trust and becoming your long term real estate investment partner.

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